Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rainy Day Activity

Who says you have to stay inside when it rains?

Grab your umbrella (after you get wet, of course), and your poor dishevelled Barbie doll and head out the door...

Taste a few rain drops, and let your hair down.

And know when to come back inside and take a "showa"...

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Cool Dude

I guess the shirt reassures the poor little guy while his silly mother puts things on his head.

We HAVE started a fund for his therapy...
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"Yo Adriennnnnnnnnee!"

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STRAWberry Blonde

"Why yes, this is my natural color!!"

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Eating Corn

Yes, that was her second ear of corn...

I think she likes it.

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Princess Dress-Up Time

Beautiful Peyton modelling her dress up clothes...

Gracie wanted to give it a try.

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Ladies Man...Again

Getting Loved On by the Ladies...

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Road Trip

Random photos from some random errand. I just thought you might like to see how my homies roll...

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Sleeping Beauties

Boys: 0 Girls: 2

We wear our men out well...

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Bored At Dinner

This child will not eat. I make gourmet, homemade food...and she will not touch it.

"I will not eat them, Sam I am, I will not eat Green Eggs and Ham!"

(Or chicken nuggets...I mean really, what kid doesn't eat chicken nuggets?!?!?!)

After much observation, I beleive she lives on pages of my magazines that have gone missing and milk, only out of her orange cup. Oh, and she will eat a Superdog without the bun and can kill cookies... are a cute little turd, aren't you? :-)

Rotten...but absolutely irresistible....

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Irish Twins...Again

I am approached by more and more people these days, who tell me that "your twins are gorgeous, but they look nothing alike"...

Due to the fact that Lilly is longer than her age group (and I always dress them alike), people are very confused when I tell them that these girls are 10 months apart. Teeheehee!

My favorite of the two gals together...

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"He's Such A Charmer...Oh No!!!"

This is the point where I tell you that there is no other...

No Cuter...

No Handsomer...

No Lovlier little boy*...

*Of course, I am a little partial to my Boopah!
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Washing Cars with Daddy

Casey's chore of the day was to wash the truck, so he set the girls outside to wash theirs.

Here's Gracie with the hose:

Here's what Gracie did with the hose:

Daddy's showing the girls how its done:

Don't forget the wheels!

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