Thursday, October 1, 2009


We only have one bathroom at the time, due to renovations to the master bath, so the kids have to share their tub and potty with us parents (yay!).

Casey normally bathes the kiddoes after supper. Well, tonight, they played in the tub for a while while we were eating our supper. Then the following transpired:

CASEY- Man, I need to go to the bathroom, but the kids are in the tub.
ME- Just go while they are in there
CASEY- Alright, I will be out in a minute
GRACIE (Who had been listening with super-human hearing from the tub): WANT THE SHOWERCURTAIN!!!! WE NEED THE SHOWERCURTAIN DOWN!!!!!!!!

Apparently, she thinks the shower curtain will protect her...teeheehee!


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